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Daily Family
For our USA affiliates at MyDailyChoice , we have developed the most comprehensive savings club with a network of over 345,000 merchants and 600+ national brands.

Save THOUSANDS on 15 powerful categories that we’ve tailored specifically for our affiliates at MyDailyChoice. We even give you a “MyDeals” app to save you money at over 165,000 locations and track all of your savings right from your mobile phone.
What’s your dream destination? At MyDailyChoice, we give you two platforms to travel in style and pay LESS than almost any other organization.

Access PRIVATE discounts that beat public rates 9/10 times by up to 70%. These platforms include discounts on hotels, cruises, car rentals, condos, resorts, and incredible vacation packages!

Every time you book a trip, you earn points. Then you are able to redeem your points for free vacations, cheap hotels, flights, and more. Not only are you getting a premium service with discounts of up to 70% off the best available rates, but we give you points for free vacations!