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The World’s
Purest CBD Oil
Our CBD Herbal Drops
utilize Hemp-Derived Full Spectrum CBD grown on Kentucky Farms.

Hemp Worx's CBD Herbal Drops are in a class of its own - affordable, high quality, and convenient!

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*50 servings of 10-15mg doses (500mg-750mg total) of all natural and top-quality, potent CBD oil. 30ml/1oz bottles.
Benefit of CBD herbal drops
Pain Relief:

Reducing vomiting & nausea, Suppresses muscle spasms, Reduce seizures and convulsions

Promotes Health:

Promotes brain tissue and bone growth, Reduces blood sugar levels, Kills or slows bacterial growth

Well Being:

Relieves anxiety, Reduces nicotine craving, Digestive Aid, Antipsychotic, Inhibits cell growth in tumors/cancer cells

How to Use:

As needed. Drop onto your tongue or in food & drinks for a punch

How CBD Works
In The Human Body
Relieves Anxiety

"Antidepressant-like and anxiolytic-like effect of cannabidol:a chemical compound of cannabis sativa" in CNS & Neurological Disorders- Drug Targets(2014)


Cannabidiol for neurodegenerative disorders:important new clinical applications for this phytocannabinoid?
In the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (2013)

Relieves Pain

“Cannabinoids and pain" in the handbook of experimental pharmacology (2007)

Reduces Risk of
Artery Blockage

"The role of the endocannabinoid system in atherosclerosis" in the Journal of Neuroendocrinology (2008)


"Cannabidiol CBD and its analogs a review of their effects on inflammation." in Biorganic & Medicinal Chemistry (2015)

Promotes Bone Growth

"Cannabinoid receptors and the regulation of bone mass" in British Journal of pharmacology (2008)

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