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Cheri Ward
I love MDC... not because of the crazy money I can make from home but rather for the amazing results its products have helped me achieve my children. Being mom is not easy. Getting the right nutrition and supplements into tiny bodies that are picky and very opinionated is not easy! My daughter was loosely diagnosed as ADHD. I was horrified. I didn't want to put my child onto drugs. Brain bears came around at just the right time.

Bailey is 7 years old and since the usage of PEAK and SHIELD spray she has been seizure free and I have been able to skip the annual winter flu!!! She loves taking them and I see a quick result due to the sublingual absorption that gets vital minerals, vitamins and amino acids straight into her blood stream. Brain bears are sugar and gluten free and are great for children that are tactile defensive.

The grape flavour is yummy and I have seen an unbelievable change in my little girl. No stress, anxiety or drama before school anymore. I have a calm and healthy child. These products have helped me be a better mom. Thank you MDC!
Sonia Line Arseneau
I have taken prescriptions pills since I was 13 for many things and anti anxiety and stress relievers were the worst....I HATE taking pills and how they make me feel. I thought I was stuck taking anxiety pills forever and those are addictive... 6 sprays and I knew right away! I felt like I can control my anxiety I take 3 in morning and 3 after supper and have the bottle everywhere with me on demand if I get stressed or feel anxiety creeping in.

I have also noticed a huge increase in my focus and productivity since using this spray and finished multiple projects I just couldn't find the focus to finish before. My ADHD and OCD have been a part of my life and I accepted it but refused to be medicated and let me tell you lately it has been more controlled which makes me super happy that I can do this naturally. Anyone with trouble concentrating or feel over stressed or deals with panic attacks should try it out!
Julita AB Hamid
I'm a wife and mother of 2 lovely children now age 20 and 15. I had very bad sinuses and migraines for over 20 years. I was admitted to the hospital frequently due to my gastroenteritis. I had tried so many health products to no avail. I had been taking pills prescribed at the counter and flixonase aqueous nasal spray. I hate swallowing pills! The nasal spray caused dryness and irritation to my nose, throat and giving me headaches. It has unpleasant taste and smell too. They were so unbearable that I decided to stop. In Nov 2015, my friend Sonia from Canada introduced me to My Daily Sprays.

I was skeptical at first but I decided to go ahead. I would try anything that could improve my health. I must take care of my health first to be able to take care of my family. I am really amazed with the result. After 2 weeks using the PEAK, SHIELD and BOOST, my health has improved tremendously. No more sinuses, migraines or gastroenteritis issues. I had also tried SLEEP, which has magical effect on my insomnia. As you age, insomnia could be the biggest hurdle in your life.

But with the Sleep Spray that contains all natural ingredients like melatonin and valerian root, I am now able to have my beauty sleep at night and feeling rejuvenated the next day. If you hate pills like me,you MUST try these powerful health sprays. I couldn't thank MDC more for the powerful nutritional sprays and amazing opportunity.
Madelyn Roose
I would like to share with you, what MDC sprays have done for me. MDC has really truly and utterly changed my life. I am in my 40s and I have a major heart problem. Inherited by my Dad. My heart, on its own, so to speak, is about 70 years of age. I would have a normal morning until around 11am. Thereafter I needed to, just like a granny, go have a lie down. My body could just not function properly with a heart that is actually around 70 years old due to its damage. I have had 2 open heart surgeries and last year I spent many weeks in ICU due to Heart Failure. The BOOST spray is my saving grace. With its instant gratification, I now have full days. I spray BOOST at least 3 times a day and it really keeps me going. I can function, day to day, just like everybody else would!

I use BOOST, PEAK, SHIELD, TRIM 365 and now with the BRAIN Spray and BRAIN Fuel Plus available in South Africa I use them all, religiously, every day. So, not only does BOOST keep me going for a full day, the BRAIN products have increased my productivity too. The SHIELD keeps my PH in check with all the medication that I am on, and the PEAK fixes my liver, that the harm due to my medication, causes. Every spray in the MDC range is very important for me to use, because it has changed my life with the way I operate on a daily basis. No longer do I feel like an old woman that needs plenty on nap times during the day. I now have a full life thanks to MDC and I would recommend these products to everyone!
Evangelia Bayley
Due to gastric band surgery, I was unable to maintain my vitamin levels or absorb iron. I became severely deficient and I was diagnosed with fatigue. This was made more difficult due to the fact that I have great difficulty in swallowing pills of any kind. After a six month period of weekly iron injections, I was still deficient. When I came across the MyDailyChoice sprays, I felt that they had the potential to overcome my issues with swallowing pills and boost my energy levels. After six months of being on the sprays, I am no longer iron deficient and my energy levels have increased
Papa Kwaminb Ama
I have always had a problem with my body not being able to deal with excess uric acid. I found some products from others companies that I used and got some relief but when I get off the products for 2 weeks and did not check my eating habits, I always get them back and the pain comes back. But when I joined MDC, I used Shield and Peak. I eat whatever I want and I don't have pain. After using these products, I don’t have pains anymore and they have given me my life back. It feels so good to eat and drink what I want. Thank you MDC!
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This is the most exciting company of the 21st century. I have 22 years of MLM experience and I know a winning team when I see one.
United States David Glickman
Im Ethel Cutin proudly from the Philippines, Im thankful that I found MDC and belong to powerful and supportive team! All I can say is I'll see you on the top!!!
Philippines Ethel Cutin
Hi. I'm Paula Frye. I am thrilled I found My Daily Choice. The products are exceptional, and the business is one of the best I have ever seen. I look forward to being a member and building an income for many years to come. MDC is an amazing company.
United States Paula Frye
Im so happy that I found MDC. With the Unique Payplan and Amazing products you can never go wrong.MDC is the only company that I've ever seen that has provided tools.Now i can see the future with MDC that excites me everyday. See you on the top!!!
Philippines Mary Jane Austria Agulto
Hi! My name is Ben Jhon, from Philippines. Being part of this wonderful opportunity is something that I am excited to. With our unique products, MDC will become the next billion dollar company! To God be the glory!
Philippines Ben Jhon Lagare
MDC offers unique, quality, and affordable products to suit my customers needs, and a distributor-friendly complan that gives its members the best out of their efforts! The powerful combination that will make MDC rock the industry in the Philippines!
Philippines Danilo Dela Cruz Jr
"It takes a thousand blows to drive a nail in the dark" same thing in choosing the right company (mlm) that you are working on. you must know first if the company is on the bright side. I thank GOD im belongs to MDC. keep on hustlin..yeahh...
Philippines Ralph Rasaul Roldan
Hi, My name is Richard Tolentino from the Philippines. With the unique complan, unique & effective products and provided tools, MDC will surely become the NEXT BIG THING here in our Country. This is the company that all Filipino should have.
Philippines Richard Tolentino
Hi! I'm Eli from the Philippines. I've been searching for the best opportunity out there and thank God that He showed me MyDailyChoice! Everything that I've been looking for is here! MDC will make a big name in this industry. Let's make it happen!
Philippines Elizalde Jr. Mancenido
I'm grateful for this great company offering a wonderful and amazing , unique product that works and a must try!!!
Philippines Catherine Ruth Tagle
My name ohad Winter natural medicine therapist since 2004 Health caregiver people found products that do a great job even limb and mind.
Israel ohad winter
Hello Everyone! I'm excited that you're a part of this powerful business, My Daily Choice, which is already dominating 2017. The ability to work from anywhere in the world with just a laptop is completely possible. Congratulations to your new life!
United States Erik Johnson
I am a Ghanaian. I see MDC opportunity as a pathway to time and financial freedom. The company is very transparent with a powerful IT marketing system. The OPPORTUNITY is very lucrative, fair and very easy to build. The PRODUCTS are revolutionary.
Ghana Foster Yaw Adu-Dartey
I am Funmilayo, a Nigerian by descent. I am super excited about the future with MDC because I know I am going to help a lot of people make a lot of money with the MDC opportunity.I see MDC becoming a billion dollar company and a beacon of hope in MLM
Ghana Funmilayo Adekunle
I'm Sandy. The MDC experience has been a life changing one. I don't have the right words to describe it. I just can't wait to see the opportunity unravel all the great surprises in the box.The excitement is too much. Just the right place.Get on board
Ghana Sandra Ayivor
We are super excited about MDC's comp plan and products. We see huge benefits for SA and expansion into Africa. In our 20 yrs of MLM we have never experienced such amazing leadership and support. MDC offers the best future for everyone. Thanks Josh!
South Africa Penny & Grant Jooste
My Daily Choice came to Ghana at the right time and I thank God I was privileged to have seen and partnered when I did. The company and the pay out is mind blowing. Then there is the marketing system. Join us now or be left behind. It's a NO BRAINER.
Ghana Alex Nana Oppong-Adu
We're excited to have partnered MDC in its early years. The complan rewards you for every little effort you put in. Back office tools are great. Such an amazing family to build our dreams with. Truly built by an affiliate. Lives in Africa will change
Ghana Edwin & Aisha Acheampong
Good to see you here. lets change our society with those willing to work. Good for taking this choice
Ghana Fred & Abena MENSAH
I am proud to be a founding member of TEAMonFIRE & one of the South African leaders for MDC. There has never been a better combination of mind blowing compensation & life changing products in 1 company. Thank you Josh! #BestMLM www.onfire.rocks
South Africa Andrew Caw
Stiamo creando un grande Team di Network Marketing. Seguendo e applicando il nostro sistema, scoprirai che guadagnare, crescere ed ottenere successo non è poi così difficile, se si ha veramente voglia di fare e non ci si ferma ad aspettare.
Italy Alessandro & Mimmo Iodice - (UpLine Team)
There is no business out there like MDC. It ticks all the boxes for a mlm company that provides the best platform for even average networkers to attain mind blowing success!!! Leaders leading by example!!! Super Affiliate in 2017!!!
South Africa Cheri Ward
Hi, I am Julita Ab Hamid from Singapore. My Daily Sprays had helped me with my sinus which I had suffered over 20 years. I tried many other health products to no avail. I live free of Sinus now!Thanks MDC for this amazing product and opportunity!
Singapore Julita Abh Life By Design
Hi there, I am Sonia Line from Canada and so proud to see the direction MDC is going. Products are life changing! New countries, real people, real results, big pay plan! Timing couldn't be better to make the choice to join MyDailyChoice. :)
Canada Sonia Line