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Income Disclosure Statement

MDC And Customers

Customers are the core of MyDailyChoice. Our House of Brands offer unique and exclusive products that are highly sought after. Approximately 74% of people who purchase MDC products are customers and do not participate in the MDC Income Opportunity.

Getting Started

Joining MDC is easy and it is FREE! MDC does not charge enrollment or renewal fees, and Affiliates are not required to make a purchase when joining or to stock any inventory.

  • Retail Profits on products sold to Customers: Independent Affiliates have the option to resell MDC products from wholesale purchases for retail prices and keep the difference.
  • Commissions from the MDC Compensation Plan: The MDC Compensation Plan offers multiple options to receive bonuses and commissions based on the product sales from an Independent Affiliate and their team. Commissions and bonuses cannot be earned by simply recruiting others to join.
Typical Earnings

The average annual income for all Affiliates (22,338) who sponsored at least one person and had some activity in 2021 was $1,511.50 and about 29% (6,397) received no income at all.

  • Approximately 63% of Independent Affiliates earned less than $100.00 in 2021.
  • The average income for the top 10% (2,233) was $9,502.34
  • The average income for the top 2% (446) was $35,654.62. The average time for the top 2% of earners to get there was approximately 13 months.

These figures do not include any expenses an Affiliate incurred to operate their business. These figures should not be construed as guarantees or projections of actual earnings or profits. Success with MyDailyChoice results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence and leadership.

Refund Policy

MDC offers a full refund less shipping for products that are returned within the timeline listed in the Refund Policies on the company website. If an Affiliate decides the business is not for them and resigns, they can return all unopened and resalable products for a 90% refund less any shipping fees.

RankAverage AnnualLowest Earned MonthlyHighest Earned Monthly
5K $16,021.08$29.50$25,919.41